MA is always on lookout for innovations which would be of even little help and facility in its operations either in general administration, technical side or customer care/service. Our motive is to be parallel with all new available technologies and be in the front line always.

The company is proud of its sincere and professional workforce in all their respective fields. The company treats its employees like a family and this is one of the reasons the company still has employees since past 15-20 years. The senior most employees are considered as most valuable assets because of their highly rich experience, expertise and professionalism.

Annual get together parties are organized every year. This is a very special occasion for all the members of staff and managements and of course their families where they all meet, introduce and know each other and to be more friendly. This annual day looks like a festivity. The employees are honored as per their ranks, productivity and achievements. The seniors most employees who have spent more than 15-20 years are specially honored by awarding them with appreciation/thanks certificates and rewarding with expensive gifts like lap tops/plasma TVs. etc.

Also gifts are distributed to all the employees, their families and special gifts to their kids. Even lucky draw is conducted through which nice gifts are received by all the individuals present. The party is conducted annually at beach resorts where everyone enjoys.

The news updates will be made from time to time.